A macaron is an extremely delicate and crispy cookie housing scrumptious chocolate or delicate mascarpone-based filling with numerous fancy flavours.

A package contains 5 pieces of these delicious treats.

Storage conditions: Store at +4°C to +6°C. Do not expose to foreign odours.

Shelf life: 7 days.

Approximate weight: 100 gram
Package dimensions: 17.5x5x17.5
The product requires a coolant in transit. An additional fee will be added to the packaging.

FRUIT-FLAVOURED COLLECTION ASSORTED MACARONS IN 5 FLAVOURS Ingredients: white chocolate (sugar; cocoa butter; whole MILK powder; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; natural vanilla flavour); ALMOND flour; sugar; powdered sugar; fresh lemon juice; lemon zest; CREAM; green apple purée (green apples; inverted sugar syrup; acidity regulator: citric acid; antioxidant: ascorbic acid); passion fruit purée; blackcurrant purée (blackcurrants; inverted sugar syrup); strawberry purée; powdered EGG white; cinnamon; flavouring; water; colouring agents: E102, E133, E120, E160a, E160c. E102 colouring may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. The product may contain: GLUTEN, NUTS: HAZELNUTS, WALNUTS, PISTACHIOS, CASHEW NUTS, PEANUTS, PECAN NUTS AND NUT DERIVATIVES. Nutritional value / 100g of the product Energy value 1806kJ / 431kcal Fat, 20.0g of which saturated fatty acids 7.2g Carbohydrates 53.0g of which sugars 52.0g Protein 7.2g Salt 0.08g